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PPF ( Paint Protection Film)

Interesting Facts About Clear Bra And Why All New Car Owners Should Use it.

When it’s time to buy your new car, you pick out the perfect vehicle and finally take it home. As you admire your new investment, you think to yourself, I never want you to change!

Of course, you want it to keep your new car looking like it does the day you bought it. There is a way to make that happen, but your car will need to have some kind of protection, something that will guard it against the forces of nature that want to destroy your vehicle’s appearance, and will do so if unencumbered.

You might have heard about protective films but you are not sure of all the details. You want to know if it really does stand up to the hype. Can Clear Bra really protect your car from the infinite number of things on the road that could hurt your new vehicle?

Paint Protection Film is powerful and its benefits are numerous. Here’s what you should know about Automotive Paint Protection Film, also known as Clear Bra.

First, these protective films go by many different names. Clear Bra, Clear Mask, Invisible Shield, Clear Wrap, Rock Chip Protection, Car Scratch Protective Film but the most common terms for car protective films are Paint Protection Film and Clear Bra.

Second, and this one is the most important for all car owners, Automotive Protective Film will keep your car looking newer, longer.

Clear Bra is most certainly the most complete way to defend your vehicle from all the forces that can damage your car’s appearance.

The way it works is simple, Clear Bra Film is high impact resistance and when professionally installed can protect your car’s paint from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris. This film is resistant to corrosion and acidic contaminants too, so it creates a line of defense from chemical stains and etching caused by bird droppings, bug splatter, or mineral deposits – even acid rain.

Paint Protection Film does not oxidize with exposure to the sun and will guard your paint against fading caused by UV rays.

The average lifespan of Clear Bra is 7-15 years. It is a semi-permanent installation and can be removed and replaced at any time. Having Clear Bra installed professionally is something you can do today in order to help maintain the look and quality of your car’s paint for years to come.